What we do.
Bright Humans designs, manages and executes projects which bring communities together.

From digital festivals to major art shows, conferences or design thinking workshops, our agile and adaptive approach enables us to tailor projects according to client needs.

We are known for...
>> Doing things differently. Every project is different so should the approach.
>> Strong project management. Nothing gets lost.
>> Flexibility. It's 2020. Things change.
>> Collaboration and community leadership. There is strength in working with others.
>> Delivering seamless projects. There is no other way.
>> Elevating individual experiences. It’s the little things that make all the difference.
>> Getting things done. We object to drama.

Above all, we thrive in the unknown and embrace the challenges of taking half formed plans or lofty goals and turning them into experiences that impact.

We would love to chat to you about your next project and how we can help bring it to life. Get in touch via hello@brighthumans.com.au or call us on 07 3666 0924.
Project Design, Management and Execution
We handle your event needs from the initial planning through to onsite management. 

Drawing on our combined 30+ years of knowledge and expertise managing and running events and experiences, we will create project plans, manage stakeholders, track finances and handle the project delivery from start to finish.
Content and Program Development
One of our key strengths lies in creating exceptional content for events, and the humans involved in the experience!

We believe that the knowledge sharing aspect is critical to a flawless attendee experience, and will go the distance to curate outstanding content that builds capabilities and strengthens ecosystems.
Experience Design + Management
Whether you are running a small workshop or a month long exhibition, the emotions and memories you created are what you will be remembered for. 

Outstanding experiences do not simply fall into place. They are purposely built through the combination of ease, surprise elements, gained knowledge and human connection.
Audience + Community Growth
In a sea of events, experiences and activations, you want to stand out loud and proud.

We leverage email, social marketing, and other content to amplify your message, engage your community and inspire others to join. All with the view of driving human value at each stage of the holistic experience.