2020 Volunteer Program.
>> Do you believe in learning by doing?
>> Are you looking for a volunteer position that will increase the credibility of your resume?
>> Do you love the opportunity of attending and being part of events?

Then we want to hear from you!   

Each year Bright Humans runs approximately 20 events - most of them in Brisbane. Some of our events are for our clients but many are our own including generationYOU and Something Digital.

We are looking for a team of volunteers who will be part of our onsite team and help us execute on these events, gaining hands on experience in events, marketing and digital and more.

About Bright Humans.

We design outstanding human-centred experiences which build capabilities, inspire creativity and strengthen ecosystems. Our superpower is our ability to build something from nothing.

We create and curate knowledge-based experiences which brings people together for a little bit of magic ... and a lot of inspiration! In our digital world today, human connection is at the base of all experiences.

Which is why many of our projects take the shape of a face-to-face event - from seminars and workshops to festivals and art exhibitions. However the magic of experiences we create doesn't just 'happen', we build and curate them through knowledge, intention and expertise ... plus a secret Bright touch!

How the program works. 

>> Being on our team of volunteers will give you the opportunity to volunteer at 2-4 of our events throughout the course of the year.
>> Before volunteering at an event, all volunteers will be briefed to learn how we do things when running an event (understanding our running orders, how we do registration and other common tasks etc)
>> We will also give you an overview of the events we have coming up over the year so you can express interest in the types of events you are keen to volunteer at.
>> Some of our events are fairly simple and you will be briefed on the day for the tasks you need to carry out
>> For bigger events we may require a seperate briefing in advance but you will get plenty of warning if that is the case 
Whats in it for you?

>> Attending our very awesome events (we always make sure you get to benefit from the content of the event as well as the volunteering experience)
>> Behind the scenes insight into our how we run our events
>> Hands on event management experience

Check out what one of our past volunteers had to say ...
"Volunteering with Bright has given me the real-life practical experience I both need and want while I complete my event management studies. Not every company or large event will share with you their ninja-like organisational and logistical tactics, trust you with detailed (and a-m-a-z-i-n-g) run sheets or let you interact with and meet important stakeholders while you perform a hands-on role, but these guys sure do!  -- Abby Stiefel - 2018 Volunteer

We want the people who volunteer with us to really get the most that they can out of the experience. With this in mind we have a few eligibility criteria.

>> You must currently be studying (or have graduated in the last 12 months)
>> You must have an interest in event management
>> You must have a general interest in the types of content covered at generationYOU or Something Digital (or both) as this is where the majority of our volunteer opportunities will be

Keen? Apply via the form below. Or if you have any questions, drop Lisa a line on lisa@brightconferences.com
Application Form.

For some of our events, we will have t-shirts printed for our volunteers. Help us be organised by providing your preferred t-shirt size and style.
Note: If you requested a male style t-shirt please provide (XS, S, M, L). If you requested female style t-shirt please provide (XS, S, M, L and 8, 10, 12 etc)