Running Covid-Safe Projects.
Amongst all the craziness that is/was 2020, Bright Humans resumed running in-person events in August with generationYOU. This was followed by the Brisbane Portrait Prize & Something Digital in October.

In total, the team welcomed over 10,000 participants through the various activations which span education, arts and innovation.

In all cases this was paired with a virtual/online element to reach broader audiences and whilst compensating for Covid restrictions and the current state of the world.

Something Digital was Australia’s first in-person innovation festival in the covid era, giving us a wealth of experience in terms of what works and what doesn’t, not only in terms of format and structure but also around audience behavioural changes.

Our first hand experience has shown us that it's not a matter of repurposing an event to make it covid safe, but rather an understanding that human behaviour has changed and that events need to change with it to remain relevant.

We believe that outstanding human experiences are still very possible - the challenge is to balance outcomes, budgets and audiences whilst remaining flexible to external ripples. This is done by: 
  • Re-creating experiences/events from scratch. The world is different, so should your experience.
  • Keeping things simple with digital offerings. Tech is a tool not the final destination
  • Focusing on what matters. This is generally ‘people’ and why they are being brought together
  • Being realistic with outcomes. What was possible in 2019 is not a given in 2020.
  • Remaining flexible and cover your flank. No one knows what the future holds.
We work across various industry covid safe plans to ensure that our audience and community is safe, so understand what additional practices need to be implemented to meet safely in our brave new world!

If you are keen to bring your community together in real life and/or online but aren’t sure where to start, then drop us a line. We already have a number of hybrid events in the pipeline for 2021 and would love to work with you to create more outstanding human centred experiences.