COVID-19 Update.
We live in interesting times and undoubtably all our lives have been upended from many angles.

From a Bright Humans perspective, our inability to gather in physical spaces has somewhat caused a bit of a damper on our 2020 plans. However, we are nothing if not resilient.

We are currently creating a screen-to-screen engagement stack, to enable more of our clients and partners to reach their learning, collaboration or innovation outcomes in a digital setting.

The focus is still very much on designing human-centred experiences which builds capabilities, inspire creativity and strengthen ecosystems. It’s what we do best – just with a minor pirouette!

If you are concerned or confused about how to deliver your programs online (and want to move beyond a standard webinar), please feel free to drop us a line.

These are extraordinary times and if there is one thing we are learning is that we need to get through it together! For our other brands:

For any questions at all, please email Nadine on

Thank you and please take care of yourselves!
Nad & Lis