Meet the Bright Humans.
Nadine Zrinzo
Nadine has been bringing experiences to life for over 20 years across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.
In her role at Bright Humans, Nadine serves as the lead project manager and chief content curator. With a penchant to “leave no detail spared”, she brings strong research, business production and project management skills to all our events and experiences.
Nadine’s superpower? She excels at curating event programs and pairing these with some of the most outstanding speakers on the planet. All with the goal of delivering a mind-blowing experience for attendees.
Lisa Renneisen
Over the past 20 years, Lisa’s career in marketing and project management has spanned various roles across Europe and Australia, including startups, scaleups and small business. 
At Bright Humans, she is the guru in people, marketing and digital strategies. With a passion for creating an environment where humans can build genuine connections. Lisa brings strong skills in to digital marketing, project management and customer experience to events and experiences.
Lisa’s superpower? Creating outstanding journeys and experiences for clients, partners, attendees and stakeholders – particularly through the adoption of new digital tools and channels.
Together with Nadine and Lisa, our awesome team consists of 3 great humans who are critical in delivering our main events: Nikita, Charli, and Dom. Additionally, the team welcomes 3-4 interns, as well as a total of over 100 volunteers each year.
And of course, we cannot forget Biscuit, our office dog, and the actual boss who overseas all activities from the comfort of her bed!