It’s time for a costume change.

We’re growing and changing for the better. Over the past few years, we have shifted the way we work, honed in on our strengths, revitalised our client portfolio and also created a major new festival for Brisbane.

This has led to a mini-identity crisis. What we are doing and what we excel in, isn’t reflected in our brand any more. So much so, that we don’t really run any conferences – not in the traditional sense anyway.

It’s a slight shift – but a shift nonetheless and one which we are keen to own completely. So from today Bright Conferences will become Bright Humans …

… designing outstanding experiences which build capabilities, inspire creativity and strengthen ecosystems.

You see, along the way, we realised that what we really loved, our superpower if you’d like to call it that, is our ability to build something from nothing. To create and curate an experience which brings people together for a little bit of magic and a lot of inspiration!

Experiences, which will still likely take the shape of some event or other because human connection in a digital world is critical. However experiences which lead to broader outcomes beyond bums on seats or ROI.

Have a gander through our website for an updated list of services, ideas of how we can work together and examples of our current and past projects.

We’re excited about this costume change and all that it will bring. If you’d like to chat about anything at all feel free to use our new email address: